Worship Arts Ministries

Please contact the church’s office (973.622.1344, Ext. 124) for more Worship Arts ministry details and the rehearsal schedules.

Dance Ministry

Ministry Leader: 
Faith Edgar

The vision of this ministry is to help grow and strengthen the body of Christ, assist our Pastor in taking the congregation to the next level of praise and worship, and to minister through dance.  We work to achieve the vision through reading, studying, living, and dancing the word of God.

Contact Info: stjamesdanceministry@gmail.com

Music Department

Aligned with the vision of God, our Pastor, and congregation, we allow God to speak through us to minister to the hurting and the lost to help them fulfill their higher purpose in God. Our main goal is to inspire, uplift, and engage all in the Body of Christ to worship freely and openly to the honor and glory of God.  All musicians and choirs fall under this department.  Through songs of praise and worship, contemporary gospel, and traditional music, we endeavor to minister in a unique way as the Holy Spirit gives expression. We consecrate ourselves so that we by the Spirit of God May be used to inspire, uplift and encourage all in the body of Christ.